The Music

In 2016 Carrie and Kerri released their first album entitled Called Worship: Fixing Our Eyes. With original worship songs that come out of their own deep places with the Lord, Fixing Our Eyes has been an album that has connected with many as Called Worship ministers at retreats and conferences and in worship services and events.

Album Songs:

For His Glory: In Isaiah 55, God invites us to come – all who thirst – without money or cost  The question is asked, “why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy” (55:2). A beautiful invitation is made to each of us to come to him, as we are, and find what we so desperately need.  This song resonates that invitation, that cry, for each of us to come to Him.  And as we come, we join together in declaring that we have a story to tell: He is our only hope, He is sovereign through it all, and He enables us to be able to say “it is well” through whatever season we are walking.  Because of this, we declare that our lives are His and we live for His glory.

Psalm 73: Inspired by a love for Psalm 73:25-28, Carrie and Kerri desired to write a song that declared the truths in these Scriptures.  Both ladies have experienced times in their lives when they have cried out from desperate places “whom have in heaven but You O God.” As a part of her testimony, Kerri shares that after receiving miraculous healing from her stroke, she continued to struggle deeply with fear.  Carrie, too, has experienced moments of great fear, as many people do. In these places, both ladies have felt utterly held by God, knowing that He has taken hold of each of them.  The bridge of this song declares that truth. “Even when the darkness closes in, you take hold of me. Even when my fear overwhelms, You take hold of me, even when everything gives way, You take hold of me.  This is such a beautiful and necessary truth to cling to in moments of darkness.  And to remember that in all things, Jesus is all we need  He is enough.  “Though my heart and flesh may fail, You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26).

King of the Battlefield: Over the past two and a half years, Carrie has faced a very difficult health crisis involving her spinal fluid, which has resulted in a spinal headache every day.  There have been times in both Carrie and Kerri’s lives when they have needed Jesus to sit with them in the most intimate and precious ways, and He has.  On one particular day, however, Carrie began crying out for something different. She had just read a phenomenal book entitled, A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God’s Sovereignty, by Joni Erikson Tada and in it the author writes, “2 Tim 2:3 says: ‘Suffer hardship with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. If I am to endure hardship like a good soldier as 2 Tim 2:3 states, I need a comrade in arms a strong commander to take charge of my private war.’ Carrie realized that in the season she was facing she needed a battlefield Jesus.  A Rescuer, ready to wade through her pain, grasp her hand and bring her safely through. From that place a song came pouring out.  A song of desperation.  A battle cry.  A heart’s cry.  Carrie and Kerri both fully believe that if Jesus is fighting for us, we can be still and trust that He who is promised will be faithful. He will provide every step of the way.  As it says in Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.”

Grace to Endure: Featuring the words that title our album, this song focuses on fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.  Inspired from Philippians 3:7-14, the cry of our hearts is that we would have a more compelling vision of Christ.  Of what He has done for us, what He continues to do for us in the midst of daily life, pain, suffering, loss, blessings, joy, and sorrow. And as we fix our eyes on Him the things of this world will lose their control as He gives the grace to endure.

Beautiful Things: Years ago, Carrie heard this song during a really difficult season in her life.  The words and truths offered such hope in bringing beauty from ashes. A few years later, Carrie and Kerri were a part of a blog that wrote about Beauty in Brokenness.  This song became the theme of that study, and a integral song in our lives.  It’s such a beautiful reminder that our God will complete the work that He has started in each of us.  Despite our pain and brokenness, he is making beautiful things out of us.

Broken Pieces: This is the first song that Carrie and Kerri ever wrote together.  They were texting with a sweet friend about the brokenness in life and she texted some words that became lyrics in this song.  Inspired from Psalm 51, this song portrays the vulnerable cry of a heart.  One coming to Jesus on the basis of mercy and grace, trusting that He will not deny a heart laid open before Him.  Knowing that He is taking that which is broken and making it beautiful as we surrender ourselves to Him.

I Surrender/Have Thine Own Way: Carrie and Kerri have both seen in their lives the blessing and freedom that comes in surrendering all to Jesus.  In letting go of fears, expectations, anxieties, and control.  And as we surrender, as we let go, Jesus comes and fills those spaces with Himself. His presence brings a peace, joy, and comfort that cannot be replaced or substituted.  From this place, in knowing that Christ is all, we can respond in singing ‘have thine own way” regardless of the season in which we find ourselves.

Savior I Need Thee: Originally, this song was arranged for a Mother’s Day special that Carrie and Kerri were asked to sing.  As mothers, we desperately need our Savior to lead and guide us in raising our children.  We need Him every moment of every hour to steward well these children that have been given to us.  As we have continued to sing it for many events and choosing to put it on our album, it has served as a reminder that we need Jesus to be our Shepherd in each and every area of our lives.  Psalm 23 says that because the Lord is our Shepherd we don’t need a thing.  All we need is found in Jesus.  He leads, guides us, and restores our souls.  As we turn to Him He is faithful to respond with a love that is always chasing us.

How Long: All throughout the Psalms, David pours out His heart before the Lord.  He is honest with his emotions. Ones of deep trust, love, and faith.  And others of frustration, lack of understanding, and even anger. In fact, there are many times he cries out these words, “How Long O Lord??”